I talk about the Library of Congress print dress I got from Svaha first and Snag Tights portion starts at 9:20.

Hi! I’m Shanno Whamo…welcome to the Wham Fam!

I finally earned $100 in Adsense so I was able to get a payout and donate it to the Equal Justice Initiative! I will donate my next payout as well but I am not sure where. Any suggestions are welcome!

My sizes:
I’m 5’4. My waist is about 42 inches, my hips 55 inches, and my bust is about 48 inches.
I wear a size 2X or 18 in most dresses and tops.
I’ll get a 3X if there’s no stretch, it’s known to be cut small/junior sizing, or it’s a jumpsuit/romper.
I wear a 20 in most pants/jeans/bottoms.

Instagram: shannowhamo
Business inquiries: shannowhamo@gmail.com