Chicago based Flight Attendant here, sharing my experience buying and wearing Sheertex tights. *inappropriate comments will be deleted*

I really wanted to buy some nude/neutral tights for work because I live in them when in uniform. This is a brand that sells really durable tights meant to withstand all the wear and tear of daily life. Since my job can be physical and days be long I wanted to test it out. See if these can withstand the life of a Flight Attendant.

First, sharing my initial thoughts on them and positive experience with their customer service. They also came with a test strip that you can stretch, pull and ever try and cut with a knife.

After wearing them a few days I discussed how they were holding up.

Once I wore them for a few weeks I checked back in to share my final thoughts.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These can be worth it if you want a durable tight and are willing to pay a higher price. If you wear tights every day and experience a lot of wear you may want to go with a cheaper brand. Worth it to try out, especially considering I have had bad luck with nude tights in the past. The company also has occasional sales to look out for those before paying full price, considering there is a $99 minimum for free shipping.

CLASSIC SHEERS shown in video: size Regular Large

*Disclaimer* This is my own opinion and has no reflection of my airline’s opinions.

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