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“Learning Colors on Christmas” is a fun video for kids to practice colors during the holiday season!

In a cozy living room decorated for Christmas, the children can see the colors green, blue, red, yellow, and pink on Christmas stockings and Christmas lights.

Mr. Crabby, the ‘teacher’, shows the objects and tells the children what color they are. Afterwards, Mr. Crabby shows the objects again, and the children can guess the names of the colors themselves, which is a fun challenge.

For young learners of ESL or EFL, this video is not only perfect to learn colors, but also a good introduction to Christmas culture. The fireplace, the couch, and the Christmas tree in the video show a traditional setting, while hanging stockings over the fireplace and lights on the Christmas tree are typical Christmas activities.

If you like the Jingle Bells song playing in the background, go check out our Jingle Bells Karaoke Video! It’s a great video to practice the lyrics!

Merry Christmas!

The Singing Walrus Team

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